Welcome to Butterfly Valley & Caterpillar Haven

Welcome to Butterfly Valley and Caterpillar Haven creche, one of Luxembourg’s leading bilingual Montessori creches. Founded early 2010, Butterfly Valley and Caterpillar Haven earned a solid reputation for providing children and parents with a warm and caring environment “a home away from home”

Butterfly Valley and Caterpillar Haven creche are inspired by the Montessori method which privileges each child’s independence and growth in a harmonious way with his individual rhythm.
Our objective is to nurture your child and aid guide him with the important task of developing his intellectual, emotional, and physical development.

Butterfly Valley and Caterpillar Haven are designed both indoors and outdoors to meet the diverse needs of your child’s development, wellbeing and security. Our garden provides a natural environment to mix nature with nurture, where our little ones have the opportunity to explore, interact, engage and learn from their environment.

We have been educating children for over ten years. Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

Meals - Weekly menu

Butterfly Valley’s meals are provided by a catering service prepared in collaboration of a dietician and nutritionist to ensure children receive a balanced meal. We cater to specific allergies and offer a vegetarian meal upon request and with presentation of medical certificate provided by an allergist and the protocol to follow in case of need.
All dairy products and fruits are 100% organic, once per week the whole meal is organic.

The meals are dispensed as follows:

  • Morning snack is composed of seasonal fruit and served around 9h45
  • Lunch: is served from 11:45 till 12:30
  • Afternoon snack: a consistent afternoon snack is offered around 16:00

Morning snack

composed of fresh seasonal fruits around 9:45am.



composed of a starter, main meal and desert. Lunch is served at 11:45am.


Afternoon snack

more consistent meal and is served around 16:00 pm.


Butterfly Valley and Caterpillar Haven provide a well-designed Montessori hands on curriculum inclusive of a safe, warm, and caring environment for children aged 10 weeks to 9 years. Butterfly Valley and Caterpillar Haven creche are a fun and loving environment which encourages emotional, social, intellectual and physical growth of the child. Our classroom’s environment is well prepared with Practical Life, Sensorial exercises, Math, Language, Cultural, Arts and Crafts. These concepts enable children to further develop coordination, concentration, a sense of order, independence, academic progress, and creativity. All of these areas will help to increase the child’s confidence level and sense of self-worth.

Meet our dedicated Team

Ensure high standards of quality and professional service

Butterfly Valley crèche is Cat and Chrystelle’s lifelong dream. Both mothers and dear friends for many years, we share similar ideals and values when it comes to quality childcare and positive communication with parents. We are pleased to have Rita join the ranks since 2016. We are pleased and proud to have a solid team of confident caring bilingual teachers qualified in both “child care” and the “Montessori education”, with many years experience. Diverse workshops, seminars and training classes are proposed to all staff on a regular basis.

Butterfly Valley’s team has been called “The dream Team” by parents who know us whether for many years or recently.

Teaching is our inspiration and we are proud and privileged to put to your profit.


Caterpillar Haven
Charge de Direction
Phone: 28 86 29 31

Cat Capocci

General manager
GSM: 621 545 897


Butterfly Valley
Charge de Direction
Phone: 28 86 29 25

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