Our mission.

Butterfly Valley’s mission is to invites the child to become an active sensorial explorer. Our main objective is promoting the developing child in his quest to becoming a confident lifelong learning, secure and caring individual.

We encourage all aspects of development: cognitive, perceptual, social, emotional, language, gross motor skills, creative and expressive. Our caring and qualified teachers assist, encourage and supervise the natural development of each child entrusted to our care. Children develop and foster the foundation for a strong independent personality under the supervision and guidance of attentive Montessori teachers and the carefully prepared environment. The keys to knowledge are offered through scientifically designed materials.

Learning language through: "Total immersion" system. The child is very receptive to learning different languages at a very early age. We propose English and French classes or both if the parents wish to. The classrooms foster a social climate of mutual caring and respect with diverse opportunities for cooperation, collaboration and social interaction.


Children begin and complete diverse stimulating tasks in the home based prepared environment freely, such as:

Practical life.

These exercises promote the care of self, care of the environment, cleaning, pouring, spooning, polishing, kindness and respect. The purpose of these tasks is to give the child a meaningful degree of independence, self discipline, manipulative skills and self development. Working in a prepared Montessori Environment the child develops the skills needed for lifelong learning, concentration, independent thinking and problem solving skills. They equally build their social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs.

Sensorial exercises.

These activities will refine the auditory, visual and tactile senses. The main focus is to help the child in his effort to sort out the many diverse impressions given by the senses and broaden the sense of perception.

Social skills.

One of the main factors for children attending day cares is to acquire social skills, learn group rules, sharing, waiting for ones turn, independence. The teachers observe the child and offer their assistance when needed.

Language skills.

Luxembourg is a very International country, introducing different languages to the child at a very early age is essential. The Childs capacity at absorbing and learning is impressive.
English and or French are introduced through carefully planned and diverse activities as well as songs, rhymes, storytelling.... Through phonetic materials and sensorial activities the child builds and masters the use of vocabulary. Another objective is preparing the child for early reading and writing. Story telling is an important part of language development.

Early reading and writing.

The child is interested in the world around him/her at a very tender age. They are capable of recognizing their names, those of their friends. At this stage the teachers will start introducing to child his sounds “letters” using a phonetic approach.

Introduction to Maths Science.

The materials give the child a "Hands on" initiation to Quantitative and Qualitative concepts including "Numeral Recognition" and relation with "Symbols" to "Quantities". At a further stage the child is ready for exercises such as adding, subtracting, division and multiplication.

Motor skill development.

Children participate in gymnastics, physical education; dance ...The purpose of these activities is to help the child develop spatial coordination, body balance, fine and gross motor skills...

Art and painting.

We experiment with different materials and techniques to encourage the child express his creativity and gain a great sense of self confidence and accomplishment. These activities will help the child express his creativeness by using and testing various materials and tools along with the sensorial exploration.


Children love singing; dancing and playing musical instruments this is a time for them to learn rhythm as well as discover different cultures and traditions. Children adore songs involving movements and response and thus they are active actors. Musical activities include dancing, playing instruments, waving scarves...


Exploring various topics of the world around us, children develop concepts of history, Geography, Language, pure science technology and Art.